Transfer To Reading City - Reading City (United Kingdom)

Reading is a large town on the Thames and Kennet rivers in southern England. It’s known for the annual Reading Festival, an outdoor rock music event. Shops and riverside restaurants dot the town centre. The Reading Museum contains exhibits on the town’s history and displays a Victorian replica of the Bayeux Tapestry. The ruins of the 12th-century Reading Abbey lie beside Forbury Gardens, a Victorian formal garden.

The town grew rapidly during the 19th century as a manufacturing centre and has a population of 160,825 as at mid-2014 whereas its immediate suburbs and the town itself have a total population of 252,052. The town forms the biggest part of the Wokingham/Reading Urban Area with a population of 318,014as at 2011 census. Reading is the home to the Reading University and each year hosts the Reading Festival which is one of England's biggest music festivals.

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