We want you to be completely satisfied with your transfer booking. We have put together a list of most frequently asked questions when making an online booking.

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  1. When you book on-line through our website, you will receive three different e-mails. The first e-mail will be a message confirming we have successfully received your booking request. Please ensure you include the day of you will be traveling into the UK, your arrival times, along with your flight details and the origin of flights when booking. Our flight tracking system will ensure that your driver is waiting for you at the pickup point on time. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information you entered on the booking form.
  2. A second email will be sent to you confirming your booking, please check the details carefully and advise us of any amendments as soon as possible.
  3. A driver/Operator will be allocated 24hrs ahead of your booking time and a final email will be sent to you with your driver details and your booking itinerary. It is advised that you print and retain the booking confirmation for your records and hand it to your driver on arrival.
  4. We envisage to perform all booking request with our own fleet on occasions we might use our preferred partners to conduct the booking. All our global partners are selected with the use of service standard and rigorous customer service evaluation.
  5. ATC does not and will not accept any responsibility in any way if the passenger's luggage requirement is more than the capacity of the vehicle booked. If you not so sure of the capacity of the vehicle booked, please call ATC customer care service team on +44203 198 7000 for immediate confirmation. For satisfactory guidance on the category of vehicle and its capacity, please check our Fleet page on our website.
  1. We advise you that you get to the airport as early as possible. We advise getting to the airport 30 minutes earlier so as to have enough time to get through security.
  2. Long-haul and El Al: three hours before scheduled departure
  3. European flights: two hours before scheduled departure
  4. UK and Ireland flights: 90 minutes before scheduled departure
  5. Also, you are free to arrange to get to the airport for a time less than the advised time prior to your flight departure; however ATC accepts no responsibility for any missed flight due to this.
  6. ATC does not and will not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights in a situation of an unforeseen circumstance occurrence or situations of severe weather conditions, accidents, traffic delays or breakdowns.
  7. If your flight has any serious delays or is cancelled please inform us as soon as possible by email through bookings@airporttransportcentre.com or call us on +44203 198 7000.
  8. We will not take any responsibilities and we won't refunded the booking fee to passengers who decided to take an alternative transport and do not wait for their driver.
  1. Our booking fee is calculated automatically by our system after taking into consideration the following factors. The distance, date & time of travel, the number of passengers and luggage, and the type of vehicle that is booked. The price given in the Booking Confirmation comprises of the number of the luggage specified on the booking form. Bulky luggage, excessive luggage, or the transportation of animals that is not stated as an additional comment when booking could result into surcharges. There may be further urgent arrangement fee in a case where the vehicle requested cannot accommodate all passengers and luggage. The driver/Operator also reserves the right to refuse the transfer. No animals will be transported unless the animal is contained in a suitable transport box. Luggage is not permitted in the front of the vehicle; every luggage must be stowed away in the luggage compartment.
  2. We reserve the right to provide an upgraded type of the car from the original selected if the vehicle chosen is unavailable. The vehicle images shown on our site are only an illustration of the examples of cars in our fleet. These are not in any way connected with any right to a certain vehicle model for the booked vehicle category All our fixed prices and are calculated in accordance to the above rule providing competitive quotations.
  3. The trip must always end in the metropolitan area of the pickup location for hourly bookings. An hourly booking always starts at the pickup time confirmed upon booking. If a ride is lengthened on the authority of the passenger, (distance or number of hours) and against the scheduled agreement, the actual service provided (total distance or a number of hours) will be calculated afresh and priced will be billed in accordance to the current price structure. In the case of hourly bookings, each added 30-minute block will be charged from the first additional minute. Hourly bookings contain the kilometres (per hour) that are declared on the booking form (or by phone). Any additional kilometres are subject to a surcharge.
  4. In the case of transfer services the price quoted is valid from the start to the destination address. An extra fee per stopover on the direct route will be incurred according to the current price structure.
  5. The price given in the Booking Confirmation covers the number of pieces of luggage stated on the booking form. Bulky luggage, excess luggage, or the transportation of animals not defined as an additional comment when booking could incur surcharges. There may be further urgent arrangement fee. The Operator/driver has the right to refuse such transfer. No animals will be transported unless adequately contained in a suitable transport box. Luggage is not permitted in the front of the vehicle and must be stowed away in the luggage compartment.
  6. Reservations made for services will be subject to an additional 50% surcharge on published prices on the following timings and dates: 15:00 24th December to 23:59, 25th December all day, 26th December, 15:00 31st December to 23:59 1st January all day, other days may also be affected
  1. For all our airport pickups our inclusive waiting time is determined and offered upon the nature of the flight, its origin and starts at flight landing. Domestic flights a maximum of 60 minutes of inclusive waiting time is offered, driver enters the terminal 20 minute after flight landing or as advised by the client at the time of booking. European flights a maximum of 90 minutes of inclusive waiting time is offered, driver enters the terminal 30 minute after flight landing or as advised by the client at the time of booking. International flights a maximum of 120 minutes of inclusive waiting time is offered, driver enters the terminal 60 minute after flight landing or as advised by the client at the time of booking. If the client books for a pickup time no inclusive waiting time is offered and the waiting starts from the pick up time. pickups from a location in town a maximum of 30 minutes waiting time is provided. It is the clients responsibility to let our contact centre or our driver know if they will be longer then the inclusive waiting time. waiting charges will be charged at £30 in hourly slots from the end of the inclusive waiting time. Waiting time for non-airport pickups will be charged at 0.35p per minute after 15 minutes from the arranged pick up time.
  2. Unpredicted situations such as extreme weather conditions, air traffic controller strikes, etc. can be compensated only to a limited extent. We recommend that you please contact our control centre on 0203 198 7000 for advice if you are facing any such issues on your journey.
  3. A ride is considered a no-show if the passenger or User, does not show-up within inclusive waiting time without a prior cancellation for airport transfers and 30 minutes for non-airport transfers after the scheduled pickup time at the pickup location agreed on. The ride must be paid for in full if a customer does not show up, but no possible surcharges for waiting time will apply In the case of no-show without a prior cancellation, the rider/user loses their right to the carriage and the ride will be paid for in full.
  4. The ride is considered a no-show when the passenger, or user did not shown up, without a prior cancellation on our Hourly subscriptions for an airport or train station pickups, after the expiration of the hours booked after the planned pickup time at the scheduled pickup location, at which flight and train delays or early flights and trains result to a deferral of the arranged pickup time by the scheduled period of time between the arranged arrival time and the original pickup time. If the passenger does not show up, the ride must be paid for in full.
  1. All amendment must be made via an email to Bookings@Airporttransportcentre.com or by telephone to us on +4420 3198 7000 to which you will receive an email confirming the amendment. Amendments must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled date and time of the booking.
  1. ATC will accept any cancellation, of bookings 24 hours prior to schedule booking time, however, there will be an administration/transaction charge of £10 or 10% (whichever is higher). The same is relevant to hourly bookings. The cancellation must be processed through an email to which you will be sent a confirmation message by us. No refund will be given for journeys once there is less than 24 hour left to the agreed booking time.
  2. Refunds will be made within 14 working days and administration/banking charges will apply as indicated in (6.1)
  3. All bookings procedures must be made through the office or through the website, telephone or e-mail. In this way, your booking verifications are sent out and your trip is insured. It is against our law for our employed drivers to accept journeys directly from clients. All Bookings procedures must be made through an Operator.
  1. During the duration of the trip, all our passengers must comply with the rule and the regulations which apply to the pertinent Road Traffic Act (RTA), particularly the seatbelt rules and regulations. Any directives given by the Driver must be duly followed. The driver's responsibility is to ensure a safe transit of passengers and their luggage. It is therefore forbidden for any passengers to unlock the doors when the vehicle is in motion, hurl out any objects from inside the vehicle, and/or stick out their body parts out of the vehicle. If the passenger decides to utilise any of the gadgets or equipment in the vehicle, kindly inquire from the driver so he may help you with your need.
  2. Smoking is illegal in the vehicle. If any passenger disregards this, they are responsible for paying not just the cost for the washing of the vehicle but also recompense the loss of business during the downtime of the vehicle.
  3. Eating of food in the vehicle is also discouraged. Alcoholic drinks are only permitted to be used in the car with our prior consent.
  4. Despite the fact that our cars and service is completely insured we offer suggestions that all passengers to should have the necessary travel insurance before booking/travelling.
  1. Any Bridge Tolls are not incorporated in the instant online quotes. The driver will ask you for the money or we can call you to take this from your card if you prefer.
  2. The Cost of Credit card and any transaction fees, payment by bank transfers (due to different currencies) will be the user’s responsibility, and do not form part of the fare indicated on the booking confirmation.
  3. The liability of Airport Transport Centre is limited to the amount of fare only (3.1) and does not include administration/banking surcharges.
  4. Airport Transport Centre Ltd reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time. Notification of the change is made by publishing the new Terms & Conditions on our website.

Airport Transport Centre Ltd Registered in England (9806534). Licenced by Transport for London certificate NO:09325

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