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Wrap Up London Campaign by Hands-on London

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Wrap Up London Campaign by Hands-on London

This Winter, Care for the Homeless and Poor

Homelessness is dangerous and isolating. Last year 57,890 individuals were recorded as homeless in England. Government estimates provide us with a snapshot of the national situation of the country and the latest figures showed that 4,751 people slept rough across England on any given night in 2019 – a 15% increase compared to the previous year.

People who are homeless have different stories that will break your heart into pieces whenever you listen to them. When most people think of a homeless person they tend to think of someone sleeping rough on the streets. Many people who sleep rough will suffer from multiple health conditions, such as physical and mental health problems and drug misuse.

Average homeless people live an age of 44% according to research. Sleeping on roads and eating unhygienic food leads them to several bad health conditions. One of the biggest issues the homeless people face is the weather changes. the proper clothes are essential for everyone to survive in the worst-cold weather of England.

Hands-on London

Hands-on London organization serves as an enabler between not-for-profits, charities, community groups and volunteers like you. They work on different campaigns and help homeless individuals in every season with a network of volunteers. Their recent campaign Wrap Up London is starting this month.

Wrap Up London

Wrap Up London brought to you by Hands on London and William Blair is collecting your old, unwanted coats and giving them to charities that support the homeless, refugees, children living in poverty and people facing domestic violence. The 9th annual Wrap Up London coat collection will take place over 11-13 November at six tube stations and other locations.

This winter donates the coats that you no longer wear to make other persons safer and warmer winter. It’s our social responsibility to think about those people who are suffering in their lives. Little deeds make a big difference. This winter joins the Wrap-up London whether as voluntarily helping or giving our no-longer-used coats.

Top Tips for donating

  • Dirty coats aren’t nice for anyone, so plz send coats that are in good condition. Hands-on London mend pockets and buttons but dirty items are not allowed.
  • Donate only coats and jackets, unrequested and unnecessary items are strictly not allowed.
  • Children snowsuits are also needed to protect babies at risk this winter. Warm suits for infants and children are specifically requested.


Hands-on London fixed a few points where they collect coats. 6 Tube Stations are selected where volunteers collect coats from people.

  • Canary Wharf 
  • Kings Cross
  • Liverpool Street
  • London Bridge
  • Victoria
  • Waterloo

Broadgate Centre

Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th November 2019 (7 am – 11 am).

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For more details and information about Wrap-up London, visit these websites and facebook links:

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