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Download These 8 Essential Apps For London

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Download These 8 Essential Apps For London

Essential Apps For London

Smartphones can be a lifesaver when you’re travelling, especially in cities like London. These are the essential apps for London that both locals and tourists rely on to make their everyday lives in the city more efficient and easy. Download them before you go and must remember to bring your charger and convertor.

City Mapper

City Mapper is an easy map that includes the whole of London’s public transport system. It is the Ultimate Transport App and one of the favourite apps of Londoners.  Citymapper is your one-stop-shop for all things transport. Citymapper gets that maps can be a bit complicated, so it simplifies them and makes sure you can get to where you’re going with minimal fuss. This app combines all of the city’s transportation options into one simple map, allowing you to compare price and travel time between different modes of transport, including Uber, cycling, and walking.


Uber is a cost-effective way to travel to London. It is much cheaper than London’s black cabs and perfect for rush hours in the city. If you’re flying into Heathrow during rush hour or you want to save some money, uber is most appropriate.

Santander Cycles

London city offers self-service bike system known as Santander Cycles. Hiring a bicycle is relatively easy if you have an app. It costs £2 for a day of access to the system, after which every ride of 30 minutes or less is free, with each additional 30-minute segment costing £2. So you could actually ride the city for just £2, just ensuring you check in each bike within 30 minutes.

London Bus Live Countdown 

Buses are most widely used in London, the number of journeys taken on London buses is over two billion a year.  The London Bus Live Countdown is one of the most important apps for London bus riders because it tells you exactly when your bus to coming. It is the best and necessary app to download while travelling to London.


With Deliveroo, you can tap into every single restaurant, gourmet, fast food, fine dining, dessert, high street in your area and have tasty cuisine cooked and delivered straight to your door. Take advantage of Deliveroo and order some food, which in London is called “takeaway.” It is London’s go-to takeaway food app and has a great selection of restaurants that will deliver you food right to your door.

Luxury Resturant Guide

Luxury Restaurant Guide is the smartest dining app. It is for crazy foodies looking for fine-dining restaurants, tasting menus, and private dining rooms.


OpenTable is an incredible app that enables you to have all of London’s free tables at your fingertips. Just type in your current location and it will display the restaurants closest to you, their real-time availability and let you book with a simple click of a button. It is one of the most popular app in London that serves people from 19’s


You can find the best salon for your beauty treatments and book in a few seconds. Treatwell is a better way to search and book for skin and beauty services in your surroundings. Started in 2008, Treatwell is the largest hair and beauty bookings website in Europe. You can also find a discount on a last-minute booking.

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