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A Quick Guide to the Weather in London

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A Quick Guide to the Weather in London

Weather in London

Weather is the most discussed topic in London because it’s always changing. The most common opening line in British conversation is like “What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?”, or, “The weather’s horrible/ great/ rainy/lovely today”. Londoners always ready for the immediate changes because of the unpredictable nature of their city. They can see four seasons in a day or two seasons in a year.

Summer in London

Summer is the favourite season of Brits. It held from June to August. Temperatures can soar up to 32℃ in the summer, though the average summer high in London is around 21℃. June is pleasant and sunniest while July is the warmest month of the year. Summer is an ideal time to visit London’s parks and open spaces or have a go at swimming and boating in London. During the summer, London’s rooftop bars fill up. The world-class, open-air theatres are in full swing. People lounge at sidewalk cafés and lie out in the parks, in short London is livelier city during summers.

Tip: While you can leave the winter wear at home, we recommend packing a light jacket or sweater for chilly summer evenings.

Winter in London

Winter is the coldest season in the UK, From December to February temperatures often dropping well below freezing. Frost covered lawns and fields are common every morning, ice-covered car windscreens and sometimes snow. You can see the least sunshine in December and January. Winter is generally characterised by unsettled, windy and wet weather. Days are shorter in Britain during the winter, with London seeing no more than 8 hours daylight at the end of December, but it’s alright because the streets are brightened up with thousands of Christmas lights!

Don’t be afraid of visiting London during the winter. It’s lovely and festive and the capital holds tons of cosy pubs, interesting museums and fascinating art galleries. Moreover, the celebration of Christmas is amazingly awesome in London.

Tip: Having the right gear for winter in London is essential. Bring your rain boots and a good-quality jacket. Once you have waterproofed your style, you are ready to take on the city.

Autumn in London

The Autumn season varies from September to November, When you see the leaves turning golden and the nights getting shorter, it’s a clear sign of autumn. This is the blend season, sometimes it’s hot but can equally get pretty chilly. London parks are more pretty and beautiful when the leaves turning colours and falling on the long paths with the air full of crisp. Grab a sweater, sip some wine, and enjoy the relative calm that comes when the crazy summer tourism season ends.

Tip: Go for layers in Autumn because the weather is as unpredictable as a spin of the Lady Fortune’s wheel.

Spring in London

When beautiful meadows of spring flowers are blooming, London is loveliest at it peeks. This season is well-known in London for its colourful spring garden and is a great time to visit. Spring stays in March and not often bitterly cold like the winter, spring can be rather wet and windy.

Tip: When packing for a trip to London in the spring, bring a warm jacket and some layers so you can easily adapt to the changing weather.

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